Well what if what's happening isn't just pure energy taking out a planet, but more like the little doctor bomb from Ender's Game, and the beam just tells all atoms to separate nearby atoms, so the planet just falls apart, albeit violently. » 3/20/15 6:22am 3/20/15 6:22am

The first thing I thought when I read the title was that someone has been feeding misinformation on reddit and people have been relying on each others solutions instead of solving it themselves. An alternate solution to an earlier puzzle that leads to a different track. You know, "don't believe his lies." » 3/13/15 7:08pm 3/13/15 7:08pm

I thought the Whiplash dad betrayal doesn't happen until the late 50s - 60s (news paper article scene in Iron Man 2) , also I thought it was because Whiplash's dad wanted to sell the plans for their joint venture to make a fortune. » 2/26/15 9:52am 2/26/15 9:52am